IPA Connect helps you turn influencers, pros, and athletes into brand advocates that help drive your full price sales

In today’s world there are many opinion leaders and Influencers available to us. Depending on the outlook, subject and interest level an Influencer could be as well known as Shaun White or as unheralded as your next door neighbor. While most companies rightly align themselves with top of the pyramid stars and athletes, increasingly more and more people rely on the word of mouth recommendation of a trusted friend or recognized/perceived expert in their field. It is these individuals who are perhaps more qualified to be called true “Influencers” as their impact is on a more trusted and personal level. Our work focuses on a few different things but building responsible pro programs that have standards for who gets access, however, is our job #1.

Having a responsible and easy to use program for Influencers, Pros and Athletes (IPAs) presents a great opportunity for any brand to gain market share by getting these influential people to purchase your products through a profitable program that creates strong brand loyalty, product feedback and significant revenue and profit margin.