Database Analysis

For any new client we work with we like to review their entire pro database to ensure that the people on the program we will be working with are current and meet the standards we set. Depending on the size of your program this might take a month or two, but we feel it's necessary to clean out the dead wood and begin building your program to the highest standards.

Prior to working with you, we can also do a quick review of your pro database to give you an idea on how you are doing and where might you go for more business. This shows opportunities and highlights potential issues. 

Continual Database Management

When was the last time you reviewed your pro database?  Have you wondered if all the people you have on your program are still relevant and still doing what they said they were when you signed them up?

We believe a clean pro database that is reviewed annually is one of the keys to pro business success. People change careers, fall out of being in a competitive athletic role, possibly fall out of the public eye and are no longer considered influential. We work with you to determine, category by category , who should have access to your pro program, for how long and for what reason.

We also assign an identifying, internal code to each and every pro that is approved so we can measure overall and category growth or falloff.  We do this to allow micro-marketing to specific categories when needed.

Nobody else in the industry builds and maintains a database to the extent that IPA Connect does.

Database Ownership

Your customer database file is one of the most valuable items a brand can have and we respect this to no end. Any database we build for you, is owned 100% by you. If we part we do not keep or ever use your database for our own or another brand's business. We do not share databases and we do not recruit pros to other brands using your brand as a lure as most 3rd party pro businesses do. We focus on building your database with pros that are right for your business. We feel this is extremely valuable in an age of too much sharing.

Database Efficiency

Do you have a 1000 person database but only 100 pros are actually buying? This is highly inefficient and wasteful and no doubt pros that signed up with you are spending money elsewhere. You need to incorporate better programs to turn pros into buyers and buyers into brand cheerleaders and advocates. This is one of the core reasons for having a program in the first place.