Database Analysis

We can do a quick review of your pro database to give you a quick idea on how you are doing and where might you go for more business. This usually takes about 48hours, depending on how busy we are but it can really highlight some issues you may be having.


Database Management

Is your database up to date? Are all the people you have on your database relevant and still doing what they said they were when you signed them up? How do I grow my database? How is your database organized? Do you have a database? Have you re-upped everyone lately?

We offer database audits and scrubbing (making sure your pro database is up to date and all member are up to date and still qualified), as well as ideas on where to grow your pro database and where not to.



We believe you should have detailed and explicit qualifications for each and every potential influencer, pro or athlete that might be interested in your brand. Do you have these? How do you know whom to allow on or not.

We will write your qualification standards so it’s very clear as to who is eligible and who is not. With this done, growing your database  of qualified pros is easier and done more quickly.



We are experts in building pro applications and inquiries to ask the right questions to make it quick and easy for potential and well qualified IPA’s to become members of your program. We also can easily read between the lines to help better understand those obscure and random applications or letters of interest to help dig out those that are truly qualified – especially when it comes to athletes looking for support.



We are very experienced with not only finding IPA’s that are right for your brand, but are experienced in the continual search for potential advocates for your brand.


Marketing and Connecting

Tired of having these captive audiences just sit there not buying anything? You need to connect with them and turn the deadwood into buyers and brand advocates. Build your base of brand advocates should be what this program is all about.


Retailer Concerns

There is huge groundswell of anxiety and concern from retailers in the sporting goods industry towards pro type programs right now.  Pro abuse and loose 3rd party program companies are doing no one a favor. We have experience in a few different options regarding this and work towards building relationships with key retailers that are vital to your brand and that are willing to work hand in hand with you. We don’t believe pro deals should be run through a retailer absolutely but we believe there should be a balance and that decisions made here should be right for the brand holistically.